52 Hikes Over 52 Weeks Challenge

I absolutely call myself an outdoor woman. For many people in Washington, that statement sparks a competitive spirit. I will go ahead and clear this up right now.

I am not the most outdoor woman!

You will not find me hiking 16 miles in one day, or gaining 3000 feet in 2 miles. I have zero interest in snow-cave camping, or downhill skiing, and you won’t find me going ultra-light because I’ve been camping with a glass of wine and tons of snacks, and it was FANTASTIC!! I’m not interested in kayaking the open sound when it is 39 degrees out, and probably not even in the summer (I’m somewhat terrified of underwater creatures).

You will, however, see me stop to point out the Silver Dollar blooms, and mention how lucky we are to see them. I will be talking about the evidence of wild critters, what I think left the tracks, who is making that noise, and what creature could fit in that burrow.  You will hear me mention which plants are edible, at what stage, and what we can make out of them. When there’s snow, you better bet I’ll be out on my cross country skis or snowshoes, and I will totally conquer my fear of water to take the 15 minute kayak jaunt from Southworth to Blakely Island this summer. I might even make it up Mount Si; though the crowds and elevation gain are deterring. I (likely) won’t be up at 3am to hike to watch the sunrise, but I’ll totally be there for sunset!

For me, hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, watersports, and all outdoor activities are about spending quality time in nature and with people I care about. The 52 hikes over 52 weeks challenge eliminates the potential for excuses. I want to go out every weekend but in the past I’ve been too tired or too busy or the weather was too bad. No more. Every week, no matter the weather, no matter what other commitments we have, we are going! There is a lot to look forward to, and a lot to learn. It will mean getting to explore parts of Washington I haven’t before, more nights under the stars, and exploring regions completely new to me. (Like Kauai this summer!!!)

Thanks for reading and following along, see you out there!


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