Doing What Makes You Happy: Week 6

Okay friends, I will tell you right now, if you are wanting a good hike suggestion or trail story, this is not the post you’re looking for. *Channeling best Obi-Wan*

One of my favorite sayings, albeit one I may overuse, is “life happens”. Like all the time… life happens all. the. time. I have plans, those plans fall through, and I make new ones because that’s just what I have to do in order to keep moving forward. This is the case with hikes, weekend plans, and perhaps even more so with big things like my career and education. I planned on going into medicine, then life happened and now I’m looking at ARNP schools. I planned to be in graduate school this year, then the program changed from a 2.5 year masters to a 5 year doctorate, and I had to adjust! I planned to work as a nanny for a few years, then other opportunities presented themselves and my life path rearranged once more.

For a very long time I really wasn’t any good at letting these “life” things happen. Even still, I find myself in panic mode for at least a few hours before my mantra of “everything happens for a reason, everything will turn out just fine” pays off. I still don’t like the thought of change, especially change I didn’t see coming, but I’ve become much more adept at rolling with the punches. Not to say I have it figured out by any means, more so I’ve found my own method of coping for where I am in life. AKA freak the frick out until you freak out so much that your body has no more energy and gives in and says “Okay fine! We’ll just have to deal!”.

One of the people who make me super happy.

Week 6

Trying to avoid rain, Bryce and I went looking for a hike along the only area in the region with a “partly cloudy” forecast: Whidbey Island. Our goal was Ebey’s Landing, but as we reached Anacortes, a huge rain cloud loomed to the Southwest. It looked like it was right about midway down Whidbey (the exact location of the hike). Unprepared and unwilling to hike in the rain, I suggested Mt. Erie because we could see the summit from where we were so it most likely wasn’t raining there right at that moment.

Here is where life happened. Neither Bryce nor I had been to Mt. Erie before. I’d only heard of it because it’s supposed to have great climbing spots. So we typed “Mt. Erie” into my phone and went on our way figuring we’d end up at the base, or some trailhead, or something. Spoiler alert: we did not.

1 - 5

It turns out the road to Mt. Erie goes all the way to the summit! I figured that might be the case about half way up, but the road was narrow and steep and in my little hybrid that means you keep going, because no way in hell was I turning around. At the top we found a viewpoint and scrambled our way down the rock face as far as we could to get some stunning views of Lake Campbell and the Sound beyond.

After we played a few rounds of I-Spy from our viewpoint (I won 😉 ), the rain clouds starting rolling in, and we decided the best course of action was to drive down the road a bit to the beach and have a late lunch. So we headed off to Rosario Beach at Deception Pass State Park. We turned off a little early and had our lunch in Bowman Bay, where the rain had already passed.

I’ve always loved Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands and their beautiful, rugged flora and rock formations. Their bluffs overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and trees standing strong against perilous winds make the whole region seem just a little more wild than the rest of Washington. Bryce and I both commented on how beautiful it was and what a joy it would be to live there (if only it didn’t feel so far away from everything else).

I have no idea how far we walked, or what the overall elevation gain was. Mostly, Bryce and I just enjoyed a day out, being in a beautiful place, with some sunshine (though mostly rain and clouds).


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  1. Awesome article! I had a similar day recently. I visited home over the weekend for mothers day in Scotland and showed my gf my hometown and spent most of the day exploring the countryside. Super peaceful! Great article, do you feature your writing with other sites at all?


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