Busy Days and Reaching Destinations: Week 7

This blog post almost didn’t happen! Once Tuesday hits, I know I’ll be bustling and busy until the following weekend, and more than likely won’t get any writing done. So here I am, well past my bedtime, cranking this thing out!

This week was one full of people achieving all around me. First and foremost, one of my awesome best friends got into grad school and is going to fulfill her decade(+) long dream of being an OT! Hooray! I am finally starting the pre-reqs for grad school and finished setting up my study space, complete with two sunny windows and good back support. My sister is in the process of being super adult-y and buying a house. Which, by the way, is a serious feat right now in the Seattle area, let alone in the general life-step kind of way. And of course, Gonzaga made it to the national championship! (Okay, I didn’t go to Gonzaga, and I’m not that into organized sports, but I’m in full support of all of my friends who DID go there.) – Edited after the game: Okay, they didn’t win, but they made it so far!!!

Plant tax. What the heck is this??

So this weekend was spent celebrating a lot, hiking, and then feeling physically horrible because I did a little too much celebrating before going hiking…

– Week 7 – 

For week 7, my amazing sister suggested we try Cherry Creek Falls up in Duvall. This is a hike we’ve actually attempted before, but last time the day ended with me stuck on a wet log scooting myself back to shore on my butt. #soggy

If you read the WTA description of Cherry Creek Falls trail, there are a ton of specific instructions that lead me to believe that people get lost here often. Not that the trail isn’t relatively straight forward. Indeed there is only one true fork, and both paths ultimately lead to the falls. The instructions stated that if you see a crashed car you’ve gone the wrong way. I will tell you know, this is unequivocally misleading. It just so happens that there are two, somewhat creepy, very old crashed cars along this route. This is information WTA fails to mention, whilst giving the “crashed car” as a land mark. Bad choice. My best guess is that the now somewhat windy trail used to be a very dark, windy road, and based on how soggy and slippery it was for us, a relatively unsafe one.

Here is the car you aren’t supposed to walk past. (Notice that I have a picture of it, therefore did, in fact, walk past it…)


This thing was smashed. It felt a little invasive to be taking pictures of the crash, and walking around the car to try and figure out how the heck it ended up between four trees. We checked the seat belt to see if it had been cut, but based on the approximate year of the vehicle, and the state of it, there’s a chance the driver wasn’t actually wearing a seat belt.

This haunting relic was our sign that we needed to turn around and take the other trail, which Autumn insisted was the wrong way. To be fair, the last time we were there it was in fact the wrong way, as it lead to an impassable river. Luckily, this year the river is lower, or maybe we came at a different time of season, but with a little log hopping and only slightly damp feet, we made it across to the side with the falls.


Once we navigated our way through the many dog/child/dear made trails, we found the falls! Quite an impressive site for such a close, accessible location. Also quite the relief as this was my second, and Autumn’s third time taking the trail but both of our first time making it to the end.

The rain stayed away, and towards the end the sun actually shone through the trees! In April! Can you believe it? We hiked a total of 5 miles, with very little elevation gain, though I’m not really sure how much. It was a beautiful spring hike with my two favorite people! (Oh yeah, Bryce was there too 🙂 )



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