Who am I? The short and sweet answer: I’m Isla. But there’s a bit more to it than that.

I am a Washingtonian, born and raised. I grew up on the sound, went to school by the mountains, and am now working north of Seattle. Though I studied kinesiology, I won’t pretend to know everything there is to know about health or exercise. I try to do the best I can in both areas, and constantly remind myself that I could be doing much worse!

I love hiking and backpacking. I like to say I love biking, but really only do it because I have a bike and it means I get to be outside. If you haven’t noticed, Washington is very hilly, and I just cannot get over how uncomfortable the seats are. This love of walking through nature has taken me to some pretty cool places and I’ve met some pretty awesome people, all of which I would love to tell you about.

The 52 Week Challenge: not who I am, but why I’m here. The challenge means I get to prioritize hiking on my weekends (something I’d really like to do anyway) and the blog gives me an outlet to write, which it turns out I also really enjoy! If you’d like to know more about what exactly being outdoors means to me, check out my first post about 52 Hikes over 52 Weeks.


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