24 going on 60 – Weeks 21 through 26?

Okay - I learned something today - I cannot wait more than a month to write this stuff. Now, thankfully, I haven't had time to do any writing because I've been off doing stuff that is totally worthy of writing about! Unfortunately, I now can't remember half of what I did on these trips, and... Continue Reading →


And That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles: Weeks 18-20

So yes, if you're wondering, I am referencing that cinematic masterpiece, Bruce Almighty... If you weren't wondering, Google it. Okay, so apparently this is what I'm doing now; writing about multiple weeks at once. Because, well, honestly this blog is not my top priority. I worked for a Chiropractor for a while, and while there were many... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Blog Post: Weeks 15-17

Okay, I know I said it wouldn't feel like summer until my classes were over... But it's been sunny and I've had things to do, so in true summer fashion, I've started slacking when It comes to everything involving the indoors. While this phenomenon of summer, laissez faire adulthood may come into play everywhere, I... Continue Reading →

Balance and Spring: Week 8

This afternoon I fell hard into the familiar, warm haze of running on empty. How do I balance an epic year of adventure, work, school, and sleep? More so, how do I balance all of these things I do "for me" with the need of people I care about? I don't have some kind of... Continue Reading →

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